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VEGA for 3G – 4G LTE / 5G / CBRS 5G "Hot Spots"

VEGA ""high gain 3G /4G/ 5G base station antennas"

  •  VEGA antennas offer an off- the- shelf solution for CBRS / 5G, also, VEGA antennas offer multi beam fixed wireless antennas.

  • VEGA antennas are very high gain dual pol dish antennas for 3G / 4G LTE / 5G and 5G CBRS RAN coverage optimization.

  • VEGA antennas prevent cell shrinkage in 3G "HotSpots". 


  • VEGA antennas minimize data rate reduction in 3G & 4G "HotSpots". 


  • VEGA antennas when used in 3G / 4G networks, both focus & enhance the base station signal. 

  • The new VEGA model CMW12WB covers the full 2.1 to 3.8 GHz supporting 5G carrier at 3.5GHz band combined with 4G/LTE  on 2.1-2.69 GHz for 5G NSA (Non-Stand Alone) and CBRS 5G applications.

  • VEGA antennas minimize spatial interference thus enhancing C/I.

How do VEGA antennas enhance 3G/4G RAN "HotSpots" coverage?

  • 3G down link capacity is inter-cell interference limited due to "pilot pollution".


  • VEGA antennas provide a much higher pilot signal to targeted area such as “HotSpots’.


  • VEGA antennas eliminate inter-cell interference creating well defined coverage spot.


  • 3G uplink coverage is interference (from other mobile phones) limited.


  • VEGA antennas act as a spatial filter minimizing interference reception.


  • 3G down link capacity & data speed are limited by the NodeB's EIRP.
    VEGA antennas concentrate & focus the NodeB's radiated power enabling higher C/I, higher capacity & data rate for congested "HotSpots".


  • 3G / 4G cell load equalization - up-link coverage is load limited and effective service range shrinks under heavy use load.


  • By splitting sectors and using a VEGA antenna to support a high data rate usage area, the VEGA antenna can take the load off congested sectors.

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