VEGA Antennas

Very High Gain Directional Cellular Antennas for Targeted Cellular Coverage

How does VEGA do it?

VEGA antennas concentrate the signal of your base station or repeater (just like a spot light) into a powerful, narrowly focused beam. Such a spot beam cellular antenna provides good quality and reliable service where your customers actually need it at distances of up to 50% greater than common panel antennas. This means 50% less towers needed along long roads, rails and other long coverage corridors. Fixed wireless access situation are easily resolved.
 These specially designed narrow beam directional cellular antennas provide extremely high gain over standard sector antennas, and exceptionally narrow beam width with very low side and back lobes and ±45° dual polarization diversity.
 The following is an actual radiation coverage simulation of one of the VEGA models and a standard high quality high gain panel antenna. It is evident not only that the VEGA’s gain is much higher but the radiation off bore-sight is minimal thus improving the spatial filtration of unwanted interferences.


VEGA was developed by COMARCOM as a solution to situations which no other cellular antenna can effectively handle and as a low cost, easy to implement remedy to marginal coverage situations that do not justify high CAPEX.


Imagine a very high gain (22.5 – 29 dBi), dual polarization, narrow beam 2X2 MIMO cellular antenna- specifically designed to enhance existing 2G, 3G, 4G LTE or 5G base station coverage & enable the cellular operator to extend & improve coverage, C/I and QOS with minimum CAPEX.

VEGA very high gain, narrow beam, dual polarization antennas are now available for  4G/LTE and 5G over the 700, 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2300, 2500, 2600 and 3400-3800 MHz bands applications. VEGA is a perfect RAN solution where a 5G narrow beam antenna is required.

VEGA offers a CBRS 5G long range antenna, our model CMW12WB.

See shipping dimensions & weights for VEGA (2m dish) for VEGA Mx (1m dish) antennas.

What size target can I cover from a given distance with VEGA antennas?

A few reasons to count on VEGA antennas

VEGA antennas can do the job of costly to install and maintain "Small Cells" that are used to plug gaps in cellular coverage.

VEGA antennas are a low cost easy to implement solution for unconventional cellular coverage issues (deficiency).

VEGA antennas are exceptionally useful to close gaps in cellular coverage created during re-planning or optimization of existing RAN.

VEGA antennas are your ideal tool for overcoming unconventional cellular coverage issues.

VEGA antennas are your cost-effective tool for handling unexpected cellular coverage situations. VEGA antennas are high gain MIMO 4G LTE / 5G antennas. VEGA antennas also offer a CBRS 5G antenna and high gain fixed wireless antennas.

Vega antennas are the easy to implement, low cost, 

maintenance free solution to many burning coverage issues;

*solution for unstable cellular service problems
*solution for mobile "black spot" problems
*solution for cellular dropped call problems
*solution for rural dropped calls problems
*solution for providing good service to distant rural targets

VEGA antennas are modular, compactly packaged for easy low- cost transport and simple assembly on site. VEGA antennas feature low wind load and highly transparent mesh construction thus insuring low environmental impact.


All these features combine to enable these unique BTS antennas to offer an interesting, innovative coverage solution for high gain narrow beam application requirements such as remote rural communities, difficult to serve mountainous areas, long stretches of highways and railroads, areas requiring very low spatial interference antennas and many other situations. VEGA antennas are ideal MIMO 4G / 5G NSA antennas and excellent MIMO fixed wireless antennas.

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