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VEGA Models CC12 or CP12 Antennas

Dimensions and Weight

Box #1: reflector cardboard crate:

weight 63 Kg,   size = 113x113x58 cm (including pallet),    volume: 0.741 CBM

Box #2: antenna feed cardboard box:

weight= 4 kg, size = 87x30x30 cm,    volume: 0. 078 CBM

Grand Total Weight:

weight of 67 Kg.  and volume of  0.819 CBM
volume/weight ratio : 1:6  thus volume in Kg is 136.5 kg

A single VEGA antenna cardboard crate and cardboard box picture

VEGA Mx Models CMP12 Antenna

Dimensions and Weight

Antenna reflector and feed box:

weight= 25 kg, size = 107X107x54 cm,    volume: 0. 618 CBM
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